Task Forces & Committees



The South Dakota Cancer Coalition has 3 task forces working on priority areas from the current 2021-2025 SD Comprehensive Cancer Control State Plan, along with cross-cutting committees that meet the needs of the coalition as a whole. Coalition members are encouraged to join and be active in one or more of the groups.

Frequently Asked Questions about Task Forces and Cross-Cutting Committees

What’s the difference between a task force and a cross-cutting committee?

Task forces work to implement objectives within one or more particular priority areas of the SD Comprehensive Cancer Control State Plan and are reassessed by the coalition annually. Cross-cutting committees meet the needs of the coalition as a whole and only meet as needs arise within the task forces.

How do I decide which task force and/or committee I should participate on?

We encourage you to take a closer look at each task force and committee and find one that most interests you. You are welcome to participate on more than one task force/committee if there are several that spark your interest.

How do task forces and committees work throughout the year?

Task forces meet quarterly via video conference, and once in-person at the annual Cancer Coalition Fall Meeting. Cross-cutting committees meet via video conference on an ad hoc basis, approximately 2-4 times a year.

Is it mandatory to be on a task force or a committee?

Although we encourage all members to become involved in a task force or committee, it is not mandatory.

How do I join a task force or committee?

Complete the member agreement form for coalition members and select the group of your choice. Questions? Contact us!

2023-2024 Task Forces

All task forces are chaired by SD Cancer Coalition Coordinator Megan Myers.

  • Increase HPV Vaccination Rates
  • Early Detection Health Equity
  • Improve Palliative Care

Cross-Cutting Committees

  • Data, Surveillance and Evaluation
  • Policy, System and Environment Change
  • Coalition Membership and Communication