Breastfeeding-Friendly Business Grant Now Accepting Applications

The Breastfeeding-Friendly Business Grant supports the state and federal law by providing 5-10 worksites up to $1,000 to:

  • create a new lactation space,
  • improve an existing lactation space, or
  • come up with innovative, space-saving ideas to meet staff breastfeeding needs for employees primarily working outdoors and/or who frequently travel.

All types and sizes of South Dakota worksites are eligible to apply such as for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, hospitals, clinics, childcare centers, schools, colleges, universities, technical schools, churches, public buildings, pools, parks, recreation center, etc.

The grant also includes assistance from the SD Department of Health and SDSU Extension including but not limited to: policy development, use of the Employer Breastfeeding Accommodation Form, and resource sharing based on your needs and requests.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support the breastfeeding mothers in your business and community! Check out the full grant application here.

Funding Opportunities Offered Through the DaCCoTA

New RFAs are available for Community Engagement (up to $50K to support projects focused on priority areas determined by key stakeholder groups), Feasibility (up to $40K to allow a clinician/non-clinician team to form around a novel cancer-related hypothesis), and Ready-to-Go (up to $75K for projects with existing significant preliminary data in support of a novel CTR/cancer-related hypothesis) Pilot Awards.

Letters of Intent for the above RFAs are due on August 12, 2019. Full applications will be invited from selected applicants and will be due September 16, 2019.

Visit the Pilot Projects Program for more information.

Visit the Professional Development Core for more information and to download RFAs for the DaCCoTA Scholar’s Program and the Clinician Research Opportunities Program.