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The Prevention Task Force has developed a cancer prevention rack card provides information regarding risk factors for cancer, action steps to address those risk factors, and establishment of goals to address cancer prevention. Dissemination of the rack card is intended for health care professionals to share with their patients. The rack card can be ordered free of charge.

The rack card is stock number: SDCCCP031. A corresponding cancer prevention infographic is also available.

In addition, be sure to check out the updated content specific to cancer prevention targeted at the general public, as well as information to support health care professionals.

New resources have been developed and are available for order!











As a provider of Comprehensive Cancer Control Technical Assistance, the George Washington Cancer Center published the HPV Cancer Awareness Toolkit.




The HPV Vaccination Task Force has developed a helpful list of resources:








Sun Safety


The UV Task Force has developed a list of sun safety resources: 


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Colorectal Cancer



The CRC Task Force has developed a helpful list of resources to support health systems increasing CRC screening: