Fall Meeting Resources

We’re pleased to provide copies of presentations from past SD Cancer Coalition Fall Meetings for those unable to attend or wish to refer to materials at a later date.


SD Cancer Coalition 2023 Fall Meeting

Full Presentation Slides


Cancer Coalition Data Update – Laura Gudgeon, MS

Thyroid Cancer & Social Determinants of Health – Emily E.K. Murphy, MD

Coalition Speed Networking

Implementation of HPV Vaccination Strategies in Rural Areas – Victoria Standley

Cancer Survivorship Panel

Cancer Policy/ACS CAN Legislative Update – Carla Graciano Sarinana and Ben Hanson

SD Cancer Coalition 2022 Fall Meeting

Full Presentation Slides

SD Cancer Coalition 2020 Virtual Fall Meeting

Cancer Care Delivery During COVID-19

SD Cancer Coalition Year in Review

2021-2025 SD Cancer Plan

ACS CAN Legislative Update

Cancer Coalition 2019 Fall Meeting

SD Cancer Coalition Year in Review

Health Equity and Cancer Control in the U.S.

The Critical Role of Coalitions in Addressing Cancer Survivorship

Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) Change in Cancer Control

Valuing Patient Navigation for Sustainment

Cancer Coalition 2018 Fall Meeting

SD Cancer Coalition Year in Review

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Legislative Update

Cancer Genetic Counseling

Walking Forward: American Indian Cancer Disparity Program – 16 Year Update; Lung Cancer Screening in the Frontier Population

Cancer Disparities and Data Considerations and Digital Story